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version nt8 miscellaneous

  1. M

    Vertical Line All Panels Drawing Tool 2019-07-27

    This is a simple Drawing Tool that can draw a vertical line that is visible in all ChartPanels. ====== Это простой инструмент рисования, который может рисовать вертикальную линию, видимую на всех панелях ChartPanels.
  2. M

    Utility for aligning and restoring multiple chart positions in a screen matrix 2019-07-27

    Utility for aligning and restoring multiple chart positions in a screen matrix Exported using NT Version 6.5.1000.11 If you often have the same set of charts up at one time, you can use this indicator to align them neatly into a "matrix" on the screen and restore the same layout later...
  3. M

    Toolbar to toggle onof drawings, indicators, trade markers, and wicks 2019-07-27

    Это - индикатор, который добавляет инструментальную панель к области главного меню каждого окна диаграммы. Это добавит 4 кнопки к каждой позиции табуляции в окне, чтобы исполнить следующие функции: Кнопка, чтобы переключить на / от всех элементов(пунктов) рисунка во в настоящее время выбранной...
  4. M

    Sverenko Barstype 2019-07-27

    Custom Renko type for NinjaTrader 8 as discussed in Sylvain Verwoort's July 2014 Stocks and Commodities article 'Exploring Charting Techniques' ====== Пользовательский тип Renko для NinjaTrader 8, как обсуждалось в статье Sylvain Verwoort за июль 2014 года, посвященной акциям и товарам...
  5. M

    Shortcut Toolbar By NinjaAddons 2019-07-27

    The shortcut toolbar was developed in NT7 and this version is the equivalent for NT8. However, instead of doing it in an indicator script, this time it is an add‐on script. This means that once installed, it loads automatically on every chart window you open. No need to add the toolbar on the...
  6. M

    SharpDXHelperWrapper 2019-07-27

    This is a Helper/Wrapper for SharpDX rendering so you may focus more on the study of your Strategy or Indicator without having to worry about SharpDX resource management or OnRender() errors. Traditional SharpDX implementations are still recommended for the best performance. Note The included...
  7. M

    Saving the image by double clicking the mouse 2019-07-27

    The indicator allows you to quickly and conveniently save screenshots of graphs. Files are formed in directories with tool names. 1. Install the indicator on the chart. 2. Double click on the graph. Directory to save: /Documents/NinjaTrader8/Save image"Instrument name"/ ======= Индикатор...
  8. M

    RiskRuler 2019-07-27

    Simple Risk‐Ruler to display Stop and Targets (1x risk, 2x risk and 3x risk) above and below a specific bar, based on height of that entry bar with one simple Middle Mouse button click ‐ useful for quick measurements, especially when day‐trading. ‐ Middle Mouse Click above bar for Longs ‐...
  9. M

    RectangleWithPriceTarget 2019-07-27

    RectangleWithPriceTarget as published in the June 2007 Stocks and Commodities Magazine - NT8 Описание: Этот инструмент рисования использует подход, изложенный в статье TASC за июнь 2007 года под названием «Насколько эффективны прямоугольники?». Маркос Кацанос. ======== Exported using NT...
  10. M

    Quarterly Bars Type NT8b9 2019-07-27

    Each bar contains data within a US quarter. Jan‐Mar, Apr‐Jun, Jul‐Sep, Oct‐Dec. This differs from using 3 * Monthly bars. I have tested the values quite thoroughly so it should be accurate. Let me know otherwise. You can add this bars type to the menu by clicking Configure. ===== Каждый Бар...
  11. M

    Purple Skin 2019-07-27

    Here is a custom skin that you can add to your NinjaTrader. Unzip the file, and place the folder in the Documents/NinjaTrader 8/templates/Skins Folder. Start NinjaTrader, Click Tools, Click Options and in the Skin area, select the custom skin and click Apply. Restart NinjaTrader 8. ====== Вот...
  12. M

    'NoGaps' ChartStyle - eliminate intraday candlestick tick gaps 2019-07-27

    This chart style is identical to the standard NinjaTrader candlestick style except that it uses the previous candle's closing value for the current candle's open value (except when the current bar is the first bar of a session). This eliminates single tick gaps between intraday bars when the...
  13. M

    MirrorBars 2019-07-27

    This is an update to the of the NinjaTrader8 MirrorBars bartype. Will plot the mirror image of the input dataseries. Valid on Tick, Volume, Second, Minute, Day, week, Month and Year bars only. Adds to your chart through the data series window as a bars type. Example: Create chart with ES...
  14. M

    Mini Time & Sales SuperDOM column 2019-07-27

    Adds a Time & Sales column that can be added to the SuperDOM. === Добавляет столбец Time & Sales, который можно добавить в SuperDOM.
  15. M

    Labeled Lines Drawing Tool 2019-07-27

    This is an expansion of the the NinjaTrader Lines Drawing Tool(s) that adds text boxes to each line that will show prices associated with the endpoint or where the line crosses the price scale. Vertical lines will show time stamps. Your own messages can be added to each text box. New settings...
  16. M

    Head and Shoulders Drawing Tool Base 2019-07-27

    Base code for using a Head and Shoulders pattern in a Drawing tool. Will be looking to update this later on as beta continues for NT8 Updated - Now has neckline with each shoulder and head having a filled area with ability to adjust to color and opacity Updated - 2/21 for latest version...
  17. M

    Extendable Line DrawingTool 2019-07-27

    This script was written with the idea of speeding up the process of drawing lines during my day trading. This drawing tool can do pretty much everything directly from the context menu now. The only thing it cannot do is set/unset drawing to global. Feature request SFT-948 is already in place...
  18. M

    EquiVolume Chart Style 2019-07-27

    Update: 03-19-2019, changed the chartstyletype value from 8 to 1197, to avoid conflict with Volumetric chart style. This is an EquiVolume chart style for NinjaTrader 8. Based on traditional Japanese Candlesticks, the EquiVolume chart style alters the width of price bars dynamically based on the...
  19. M

    Equivolume ++ Chartstyle (With Auto Size Bars Option) V1 2019-07-27

    EquiVolume ++ ChartStyle (with Auto size bars option) V1 How does this differ from the standard NT8 one? * Includes 'Autosize' option set to true by default that adjusts the bar width/spacing to the thickest equivolume bar, so minimal space is wasted and no overlapping will occur. * I have...
  20. M

    Ema Performance Metric 2019-07-27

    This PerformanceMetric is able to use an Indicator method for calculations, because it is subscribed to a bars series. === Этот PerformanceMetric может использовать метод индикатора для расчетов, потому что он подписан на ряд баров.
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